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Email Migration

Every email system utilizes it's own proprietary format to save email data. During a switchover, one of the most challenging tasks is to get all previous emails into the new system. This is difficult because the email data format is not compatible with other email systems.

Another challenge most companies face is to migrate all email data from previous server to new server without any interference to the user. Most IT Managers want the migration to be done completely at the back-end, so that the users don't even come to know about the switch-over.

To tackle these challenges, it not only requires in-depth knowledge of all kinds of email systems and email data formats, but also requires hand-on data migration experience. At eMailFRY, our deployment experts have all the insight about the challenges and can prepare a seamless data migration plan, as well as guide the IT team at every stage of the migration with the best tools in the industry.

@ eMailFRY, our experts have first-hand experience in Migrating mails from almost any email solution to almost any email solution.

Get your email data migrated from the Experts! Choose from the below options or share your specific requirements.



While browsing through the internet or while reading articles in tech magazines, we come across a lot of "new-and-improved" messaging and communication solutions for businesses. Every solution always talks about it's strengths. But only when we invest our time in a pilot evaluating it's specs that we realize it's weaknesses and how it doesn't match our needs.

"The sales person never shared these details!"… is what we think when we have realized it was a waste of our critical time.

Expert Consulting always pays back in terms of the most valuable currency - TIME. Experts know the strengths and weaknesses of solutions and can read between the lines while understanding the requirements of the IT Management.

Get Expert advisory services for selecting the best-fit solution for your organization from the Experts @ eMailFRY.

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About emailFRY

eMailFRY is a team of email experts. We eat, drink, live emails, everyday and have been doing that for the major part of our careers. We know the various types of email solutions. We know the challenges faced by administrators as well as users. We have hands on experience of the challenges faced during a switch-over of email solutions as well as during email migrations.

Unlike other email solution providers, eMailFRY offers a host of email solutions. This list includes the best of the best systems, along with other middle level and basic level systems.

The range of services that eMailFRY offers is unmatched.

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