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Backup/Archiving Solution

What are the primary reasons to archive email in a corporate environment?

There are four predominant reasons for an organization to archive its email. These are:

  • Compliance,
  • Litigation support,
  • Storage management and
  • Knowledge management


Research by Osterman found that 46% of email users spend more than two hours each day doing something in their mailbox while as much as 75% of a company's intellectual property is contained within email and messaging systems

This makes it necessary for any state to enact laws for compliance of email data for 3 major reasons:

  1. Data permanence – The notion that data must be retained in its original state without being altered or deleted.
  2. Data security – Information that is retained must be safeguarded against all security threats which include access by unauthorized persons as well as anything which could physically damage or endanger the availability of the information.Why organizations need to archive email 5
  3. Auditability – The concept of having information duly protected but easily accessible in a timely manner by authorized personnel whenever required.

Litigation Support:

Nearly all companies in the course of regular business activities become implicated in lawsuits. Litigation discovery is the process in which parties involved in a lawsuit are requested by the court of law to submit information which is relevant to the case. The company which receives the discovery request is obliged to search its records and to submit all the relevant/requested information in a timely manner. The cost of producing the information for litigation can be colossal and can often outweigh the damages sought in the suit. This is most common in organizations which do not have an adequate email archiving solution in place

Storage Management:

It is estimated that, one in every four organizations experiences a storage management growth in excess of 25% per year. This drastic escalation in storage requirements is mainly attributed to the increase in use of email in general, added to the upsurge of attachments, which increased the size of the average email from 22 KB to 350 KB. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 50% of organizations are providing more than 150 MB of storage per user

Compliance regulations have further contributed to the increased demand for storage by obliging organizations to preserve old email for predefined periods.

While storage solutions can be used to deal with the problem of message storage growth, an email archiving solution provides a more versatile way of handling this problem. Apart from centralizing your email records, an efficient archiving solution will store the emails in a compressed format, resulting in considerable disk space savings when compared to a traditional mail store. Furthermore, the emails will be automatically archived as soon as they pass through the message store, thus users can clean up their mailboxes without the worry of losing important emails. Additionally, an email archiving solution that allows authorized users to view emails from a central repository will encourage them to do without having bulky PST files stored locally. Considering the fact that PST files usually take 2 to 5 times more physical storage than an email archive, this would add up to considerable disk space savings.

Knowledge management

An organization's email system is a corporate knowledge repository. It can contain vast quantities of useful email information which is often vital to a business and allowing access to this corporate asset can make users more productive.

An email archiving system can provide appropriate knowledge management tools (for example, email records sorting, advanced search and retrieval functions) that enable IT and end-users to better manage the knowledge base contained in the company's email archive



While browsing through the internet or while reading articles in tech magazines, we come across a lot of "new-and-improved" messaging and communication solutions for businesses. Every solution always talks about it's strengths. But only when we invest our time in a pilot evaluating it's specs that we realize it's weaknesses and how it doesn't match our needs.

"The sales person never shared these details!"… is what we think when we have realized it was a waste of our critical time.

Expert Consulting always pays back in terms of the most valuable currency - TIME. Experts know the strengths and weaknesses of solutions and can read between the lines while understanding the requirements of the IT Management.

Get Expert advisory services for selecting the best-fit solution for your organization from the Experts @ eMailFRY.

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